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Titanium alloy products are generally used in aerospace, such as aircraft, rockets, satellites, missiles and other fields. As for low density, high specific strength, high heat resistance, titanium is regarded as“aerial metal”, the United States used titanium for aircraft manufacturing since 1951 to now, the largest user of the titanium market has always been the aviation industry. Widely used in engines, compressors, fan blades, disks, casing, shafts, landing gear, engine rooms, partitions, fuel tanks, boosters and other parts.


The aircraft engine uses Titanium alloy instead of steel material, which can reduce the structural weight engine by 30 to 40 percent. The average titanium use of one aircraft use is about 33.7 tons of Boeing, it predicted that Boeing will add 5580 new aircraft in China by 2032, supposing that the average amount of titanium used in a aircraft is 30 tons, China will consume 167,000 tons of titanium, the annual average consumption is 8,370 tons.


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